GMN_eng_1nov2021 (14) is an excellent option for those keen on the latest mass-media news, whether interested in TV stars or shows known to the general public. is a site published in 2019, with the main goal of bringing a breath of fresh air in Romania’s showbiz and lifestyle news, while maintaining its focus on current events.
Part of GANDUL MEDIA NETWORK, complements the company’s portfolio with a well-defined structure, in which the emphasis is on the ease with which visitors have access to content. Our site is, at the same time, a source of information and entertainment for its users.

Website Performance and Demographics

One of the most visited websited in Romania, is the #1 tabloid online publication in Romania. These are some key points of our audience profile and our performances based on SATI. 

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Age Distribution

Traffic by device


Just 13,5% of our visitors access our website through desktop.


Only 1,5% of our visitors use the tablet as a way to read news on

85 %

85% of visitors use mobile as a main source of information and this shows that they are constantly connected

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