The first national site dedicated exclusively to Romanian Liga 2, but also to the lower leagues in Romania. or is a subsite of ProSport, part of GANDUL MEDIA NETWORK SRL, founded in 2008. has no competitor on the Romanian media market, being dedicated primarily to Liga 2, not missing a match or event in this competition in its 14 years of existence. This is the reason why it is the main source of information for sports fans of this football level. readers can find the latest information on the site, analyses, reports, interviews, match schedule, updated rankings and everything else there is to know about Liga 2. At the same time, it is the main source of information for Liga 2 sports commentators.
Additionally, on you can read information about Romania’s lower-level leagues, Liga 3 and Liga 4. The site offers exclusively the results of Liga 3 matches from each stage, updated rankings and many other relevant topics.

Website Performance and Demographics

Being the main source of information for sports fans of this football level has a very good performance for a niche website. These are some key points of our audience profile and our performances based on SATI. 

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Just 15% of our visitors access our website through desktop.


Only 2% of our visitors use the tablet as a way to read news on

80 %

80% of visitors use mobile as a main source of information and this shows that they are constantly connected