The concept of the “Rapid Exclusive” show is to offer fans of the Rapid club an engaging and informative platform through which they can connect more deeply with their favorite team. The show aims to be an essential source of information, discussions and stories from the football world of Rapid.

With the live talk show format, the show brings to the fans’ screens authentic experiences and direct discussions with its guests, who are important personalities from the club’s sphere, such as players, coaches, and other influential figures such as Dan Șucu, Daniel Nicuale, Daniel Pancu, Cristi Săpunaru Mircea Lucescu.

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Online and social media performances

Impressions on : 2,500 / article (average)
Reach in Facebook (average): 3,000 accounts / post
Reach in Instagram (average): 2,200 accounts / post
Video views (average) YouTube: 6,000 views/video