The show will be broadcast from Monday to Friday and will always have outstanding guests from the world of Romanian sports with whom the most important topics of the day in sports will be debated. ProSport.Live is a talk show on sports topics approached both linearly (LIVE and rerun in the evening) and non-linearly (the best news and live statements are offered to readers in the form of new content on the site).

PROSPORT LIVE is a daily sports news program that serves as an emblematic program for the Prosport brand. The show covers various sports teams in Romania and around the world and often presents important moments of the sport of the day. The show often covers the main sports in Romania, including football, handball, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and fencing. While the hottest and most discussed sports topics of the day are treated, the undiscovered stories of the guests are also included, which often generate news that are on the front page of online publications.

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